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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Resident permit parking areas operate in residential areas where high volumes of non-resident parking is persistent.

A resident or visitor permit does not guarantee you a space to park in your street, however it does allow your vehicle to park within the allotted parking area of the zone, but not on any yellow lines, footways or verges.

You will no longer need to display a resident permit in your vehicle. The Enforcement Officers will perform a permit check on a handheld device to verify a valid permit is held.


To apply for paperless visitor vouchers in your online account, you still click on "Apply for a permit" as they are a TYPE of permit. You also go through the application process each time you wish to buy some more visitor vouchers.


Just moved in?

We will accept a signed tenancy agreement or letter of completion as your proof of residence. For proof of vehicle we will require a proof is provided showing the vehicle registered/insured at the permit address. When moving in, the quickest is usually vehicle insurance schedule as most insurers can change this over the phone/online and provide a digital copy via email/insurance account.