The remaining roads in the ward including North of Barleycroft Road and Applecroft Road.

Initial consultation began in April 2018 and will include the below roads:

Amethyst Walk, Applecroft Road, Attimore Close, Attimore Road, Barleycroft Road, Barn Close, Barnside Road, Broadfield Place, Brocket Close, Brockswood Lane, Church Road, Colgrove, Dellcott Close, De Soissons Close, Dognell Green, Downfields, Elm Gardens, Elmwood, Farm Close, Fearnley Road, Guessens Court, Guessens Grove, Guessens Road, Guessens Walk, Handside Close, Handside Green, Handside Lane, Heather Road, High Grove, High Oaks Road, Hobbs Way, Homerfield, Lanefield Walk, Lemsford Lane, Little Youngs, Longcroft Green, Mannicotts, Marsden Close, Marsden Court, Marsden Green, Marsden Road, Meadow green, Melbourne Court, Newfields, Palmerston Close, Polayn Garth, Russellcroft Road, Scotts View, Sefton Court, Springfields, Stanborough Close, Stanborough Green, The Old Drive, The Quadrangle, The Valley Green, Turmore Dale, Valley Road and Youngs Rise.