Throughout the year, the Council receives a great deal of requests for parking restrictions and/or improvements. These have come through via a range of channels and are recorded on the Parking Services Investigation List for consideration for a future parking work programme.

To request your road is considered in the future for a parking consultation (and possibility of restrictions) please email us at

Unfortunately, not every request can be considered for the next works programme, and many factors can influence what roads/areas are added to a works programme. This can be lead by the volume of requests from different households, safety issues or any major developments that are taking place nearby. The programme is then designed and presented to the Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel where a cross party of Councillors will consider the report and vote on any such actions of the programme. 

The works programme is important in planning the way the Council manages the residents and businesses of the borough varied challenges and expectations. It is also central in focusing the efficiency and priorities of the Parking Services team's future parking assignments and its financial budget.

The most recent work programme was agreed in January 2020. 

Due to the number and large scale of the projects, plus the time it can take to complete any given project, the work programme was extended to cover a two year period 2020-2022. The below areas are on the current works programme: 


Handside - ongoing since 2017, last area due to have restriction proposals advertised in March 2021, with objections considered in June 2021 at CPPP meeting

Restrictions introduced and now in monitoring period:

Old Hatfield - Changes to restrictions started December 2020

Part of Hatfield South West (Aldykes area) - restrictions introduced in 2020

Essendon - Restrictions began on 17th May 2021, the area is now within a 6 month monitoring period for any further parking issues.

Salisbury Village - Restrictions began on 17th May 2021, the area is now within a 6 month monitoring period for any further parking issues.

Hatfield town centre (including multi-storey) - Restrictions began on 17th May 2021, the town centre car parks will be monitored during the next year to assess any parking demand or issues, including levels of parking demand from season ticket holders to ensure car park capacity is correct. 


Intial Survey stage:

Peartree - A survey ran March to April 2021, the results are currently being reviewed and considered, and due to a low response rate, the next steps will be carefully looked at.

Ellenbrook - A survey ran March to May 2021 - the results are currently being reviewed to see what the majority of responses and residents voted to see. We will contact residents during Summer 2021 with the results and the next steps.


Due to start:

A survey of residents in roads from College Lane, Hatfield, along Bishops Rise including High Dells, Northdown Road & Hill Top will begin in Summer/Autumn 2021.


Now completed:

Hatfield Central - started in 2017, monitoring completed in 2020

Hatfield East (The Ryde/Heyford Way/Birchwood) - monitoring completed in 2020


Any areas not listed above are not contained within the current work programme, and any requests made would be added to the investigation list and considered when creating the next work programme. 

Please note, within the last 3 years the following areas have been consulted on a previous work programme and areas were completed: Cuffley, Brookmans Park, Welham Green