You may not require permission to do certain works to your home. These are called 'permitted development rights'.

Permitted development rights apply to many common projects for houses. It does not apply to flats, maisonettes, mobile homes, caravans or other buildings.


How to find out if you have permitted rights?

  • The Planning Portal offers advice as to what works need permission and which do not. It has a useful interactive video which demonstrates the most common alternations to homes.
  • Check whether local restrictions apply (see below).
  • You can submit an application for a Lawful Development Certificate to us. You do not need to do so. However, we do advise this if there is any uncertainty on whether your building works may be permitted development or confirmation is required, now or in the future, for mortgage or legal purposes.

Although you may not need planning permission it is worth checking whether other consents may still be required from the council or other parties before you start works on your home.


Local restrictions to permitted development rights

Permitted development rights are more restricted if:

  • You live:
    • in a Conservation area and/or within the Estate Management Scheme area
    • in a high density housing estate
    • in an 'Article 4 directive' area (this applies to the removal of permitted rights to create Houses in Multiple Occupancy in Hatfield)
  • Your home:
    • is a Listed Building
    • is a barn conversion
    • is new and in the countryside
    • was built since the 1980's
    • had a condition placed on it as part of the original planning permission for your home

You will probably know if your property is affected by a direction or a condition as this would have been identified by your solicitor when you bought your home. You can check this by carrying out a Local Authority land charges search.

In these circumstances, you will have to submit a planning application.

We can give you advice on whether you would be likely to get planning permission through Pre-application advice.