Former council-owned and leasehold properties often have covenants contained within their transfer documents and leases.

Covenants are rules which leaseholders must abide by if they are to remain in residence. These leasehold covenants were primarily included to ensure that the look of the property was kept as original as possible and that no activities would take place at the property, which would cause nuisance to any neighbours and to ensure that the tenant complied with their obligations in terms of rent payments and maintenance.

When a freehold is purchased, different covenants may be incorporated into your title. These don't deal with any specific relationship between the parties but are usually included to preserve the character of the property you are acquiring and the surrounding environment. This means that appropriate permissions may need to be sought from the council (as the former owner) for such matters as alterations or additions to the building, adding new buildings or anything else that may have an effect on the property or neighbourhood. If in doubt, you should seek legal advice or you can contact the Estates Team on 01707 357 456.

Leaseholders and freeholders should also check whether their property is situated within the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme (EMS).  Information on the what consent may or may not be required can be found on the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme overview pages.