What must the Council do?

The council must have due regard to the register when carrying out its planning, housing, regeneration and land disposal functions. For planning, the register will be a material consideration in plan-making and decision-taking. Entries on Part 1 of the register must be counted towards the number of serviced plots that need to be granted suitable development permissions (planning permission or permission in principle). The Council must also give due regard to the demand for plots on Part 2 of the register.

What applicants should expect from being on the Register

Please note that the Register does not operate as a waiting list. Further, whilst the Council has a duty to grant sufficient permissions for self-build and custom housebuilding plots, there is no requirement for a permission to specifically relate to the preferences expressed by those on the Register. We will contact applicants directly (where they have indicated that they wish to be kept informed) with news about self-build opportunities in Welwyn Hatfield.

What the Council is doing to increase the supply of plots

The Council does not have land within its ownership readily available for this type of building project and it is therefore seeking through the Local Plan, to adopt a policy which will ensure that future developments over a certain size make provision for self-build plots.

What applicants may do

Those on the Register may submit their own planning application if they find a plot of land they consider suits their needs. However, any application will be assessed against all relevant planning policies and simply seeking permission for a self-build or custom housebuilding project does not necessarily mean that a proposal will be acceptable in planning terms, e.g. a site may be located in the Green Belt where a presumption against inappropriate development applies. If you are considering making a planning application, you may wish to seek Pre-application advice first.