Information and addresses of play areas in Hatfield.

Hatfield play areas
Address Extra information

Brain Close, Off Howe Dell, Hatfield, AL10 8BT

Brain Close

This site has two small metal climbers with a bench for parents to sit and watch their children play. The site is also within a housing estate offering local children the chance to play outdoors close to home.

Brickfield, Off Travellers Lane, Hatfield, A10 8TN

Brickfield 2017

This site has two small springers and is situated in a residential  area away from busy roads.

Burleigh, Off Wellfield Road, Hatfield, AL10 0BG

Burleigh play area

This site has swings for toddlers, two spring animals, a balancing beam and a climbing frame with a slide for toddlers and juniors. It has two benches and is situated by the public open space so there is plenty of room for games and picnics.

Cavendish Hall, Off Maryland, HatfieldCavendish Hall 2017


This site has an inclusive junior multi climber with a climbing net and slide.


Cob Mead, Off Crop Common, Hatfield, AL10 0JF

Cob Mead play area

This site has two small metal climbers and is in a residential area away from busy roads.

Drovers Way, between Wood Common and Drovers Way Hatfield, AL10 0UP

Drovers Way play area

This play area has a lot to offer younger children with seating for parents. The whole area is enclosed and has toddlers swings, a play car, roundabout, two mushroom seats, balancing beam, seesaw and two spring animals.

Harvest Mead, Off Crop Common, Hatfield, AL10 0JD

Play equipment

Harvest Mead is a small play area in a residential area. There is a double net spider climber and a spring animal.

Hillfield, rear of Hillfield, Hatfield, Al10 0TU

Hillfield 2017


Hillfield is in a residential area and has recently been refurbished.  There is an inclusive junior multi climber, bike springer, spinner and toddler swings.  There are also an array of floor games and  seating for adults.

Hilltop, rear of High View  Shops, AL10 8HZ

Hilltop play area

This is a small site that is by a parade of shops and has two climbing boulders.

Howe Dell, next to Stream Woods, Hatfield, AL10 8BS

Howe Dell play area

The play area is enclosed and can be found next to the woods. There are two spinning bowls and springers, a see-saw, trampoline, toddlers swings and a climbing frame with a slide. Outside is a newly refurbished set of junior swings, with a bench and plenty of open space for games, and a new teenage shelter.

Oaklands Wood, off Woods Avenue, Hatfield, AL10 8LU

Oaklands Wood play area

This site can be found in a residential area. It has spring animals and stepping stones for balancing. It also has a bench for parents.

Onslow Close, off Howe Dell, Hatfield, AL10 8BY

Onslow Close


This site is in a residential area and has an array of floor games

Redhall, off Redhall Drive, Hatfield, AL10 9E

Redhall play area

Redhall has two sets of junior swings and a large climbing unit. Also it has a set of swings and a small climbing unit for toddlers. It has a metal climber, a roundabout, rocker, and spring animals (single and three seater). There are two benches and plenty of open space which now has a teenage shelter.

Summerfield (opposite numbers 2 and 4) off Hollyfield, Hatfield, AL10, 8LP

Play equipment

This site is in a residential area and has been refurbished to include a climbing frame and a spinner.

Summerfield (opposite numbers 29 and 31) off Hollyfield, Hatfield, AL10 8LP

Summerfield 2017


Summerfield is in a residential area and a junior multi climber, an inclusive basket swing, a spinner and a rocker.  There is an agility trail and some benches and table seating.