The 2015 Play Strategy was developed to outline current provision and identify scope for adaptation or additional equipment. 

The strategy is a fluid document which is reviewed each year to ensure equipped areas are built around the needs of local children and young people. 

Each year, subject to funding, we aim to refurbish or upgrade the equipment some of our children's playgrounds. 

Live Development Projects 

The areas we are looking to re-develop and enhance are detailed below. 

Live Projects
Name of PlaygroundDetails of ProjectStatus               Start Date
Haldens, Welwyn Garden City


The current equipment will be removed over the course of the next few weeks, reinstating the area to soil and seed. There may be a short delay of a week or so until the new equipment arrives ready to be installed, but it is planned for completion in early March.

The current enclosed play area has a large tree in situ, which prevents more equipment been installed in the existing play area. Therefore, the Council are looking to relocate the enclosed play area to the other side of the footpath. This will allow more equipment to be installed particularly aimed at the toddler and junior age groups.

In addition, the area towards the tree line the Council are looking to introduce equipment aimed at slightly older children and teenagers. This would make this play area one, which would cater for age groups.

As with all re-furbishments, the Council are paying particular attention to the inclusivity of the new equipment, so that where possible children of all ages and abilities are catered for.

Due to the relocation of the play area, this will be subject to planning application which we are hoping to submit this by the end of August 2018.

Letters have been sent to roads surrounding the play area in Haldens, outlining the proposals:

Blythway, Dawley, Cloverfield, Crookhams, Eastor, Fallowfield, Flexley Wood, Haldens, Kilnfield,  Lumbards, Maple Grove, Margery Wood, Nutfield, Pondfield, Quickbeams, Robin Mead, Rosedale, Rowans, Runsley, Salmon Close, Sloansway, The Swallows, Swanhill, Postfield and Timbercroft.


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Completed Projects

Previous successful upgrades have included the following:

Playground refurbishments
Name of PlaygroundDetails of RefurbishmentDate of Completion Before and After Images
Brain Close, HatfieldThis is a small site aimed at toddlers 0-5 years old. The new design has taken the residential boundaries and the age into consideration with a swing hammock, a yellow spinner bowl and a talk and tumbleApril 2017Icon for pdf Brain Close
Widford Road Site 1&2 Welwyn Garden CityThis is a small site aimed at toddlers 0-5 years old. The new design has taken the residential boundaries into consideration with a swing hammock, a yellow spinner bowl, ladybird spinner and a red play houseApril 2017Icon for pdf Widford Road
Nursery Hill, Welwyn Garden CityThis is a relatively small site aimed at toddler and junior age groups with a daisy springer, carousel with bars, play tower with a climbing net and double set of swings, for toddler and junior children. Where possible attention has been made to include equipment which is inclusive. April 2017Icon for pdf Nursery Hill
Shortlands Green, Welwyn Garden CityThe existing multi unit was replaced with a new junior multi unit with slide.  A new basket seated swing has been installed with springers.  The area is enclosed with a fence and features seating for adults and a bin. Aspects of the equipment are inclusive.Winter 2015view photographs
Summerfield, HatfieldThe existing multi clumber and slide have been replaced with a junior jungle themed multi unit with slide.  A new basket swing has been introduced together with a spinner and an agility trail.  Some adult seating and bin has been introduced along with a small table and stools for youngsters to sit at.Winter 2015view photographs
Hillfield, HatfieldThe existing climber and broken springer has been removed and replaced with a Junior multi-unit with slide, a spinner and a springer.  The playground is enclosed with a fence and features interactive floor games, seating for adults and a bin.  Aspects of the equipment are inclusive.Winter 2014view photographs
Onslow Close, HatfieldRemoval of single junior climber and installation of floor games.Winter 2014view photographs
Dawley, Welwyn Garden CityIn addition to the existing equipment, a junior climber with slide has been installed along with a see-saw.Winter 2012view photographs
New Wood, Welwyn Garden CityNew steps were added to the embankment slide as well as the installation of a springer and junior climber with slide.Winter 2012view photographs