Use this service to create a record of an anti-social behaviour incident.

It is essential that you take care when using this service as the information you provide will enable us to decide the best way of dealing with the events that you describe.

Complete each section as accurately as possible, taking time to details the way in which these events affect you and your quality of life.

The information you are submitting is your own personal record and is undersigned by you alone. If other people living with or near you wish you report an incident, please encourage them to contact us directly.

Include as much detail as possible. Do not be afraid to be explicit about the events that you record. It is acceptable to repeat offensive language.

Don't worry about mistakes or incorrect spellings.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

To report anti-social behaviour we will need to know the following information:

  • your details
  • details of the incident (time, date, location)
  • a detailed description of what happened

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