The purpose of Welwyn Hatfield's street wardens is to provide a reassuring presence, promote community safety, tackle anti-social behaviour and improve the street environment.

The main duties of our Street Wardens are:

  • Daily patrols on the streets, open spaces and estates to provide a visible presence.
  • Reassure local residents and make them feel safe.
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the police and other enforcement agencies.
  • Investigate environmental offences such as fly tipping.
  • Support vulnerable residents of all ages.
  • Deter anti-social behaviour in public places and report to police and  the council's Anti-Social Behaviour team.
  • Report problems with the street environment, for example graffiti and abandoned vehicles.
  • Develop community spirit and foster civic pride.
  • Responsible for the Dog Warden Service and dealing with contained stray dogs.
  • Recover and dispose of drugs paraphernalia from public spaces and council land anywhere in the borough. 

The Street Wardens patrol the borough in their marked vehicles, on bike and on foot. Although they cover the entire borough, more time will be dedicated to the areas that require it. 

The street wardens will try to help you if you have a problem. In the long term they will be able to pass on information to the right organisation whether that be to the correct council department, the police or another partner.

If needles, syringes, or other drugs equipment, are found then these should be reported to the Street Wardens, who will either collect these themselves, or arrange for Urbaser to collect. It is important for the wardens to be informed as they will monitor the areas to see if there is any further activity, liaising closely with the police.  

We advise that residents refrain from touching items such as needles, and if the items are particularly small, to provide clear instructions as to their location. Please report the issue to our Contact Centre on 01707 357000.

Welwyn Hatfield's street wardens are accredited by the Hertfordshire Constabulary giving them limited powers while on duty. These include enforcement of the alcohol control zone in central Hatfield, the confiscation of age restricted products from minors and the ability to request personal information from anyone they believe to have committed an offence.

The wardens work in partnership with a number of different groups, these include:

  • The police.
  • The council's housing and leisure services.
  • Anti-social behaviour group.
  • Youth groups and local schools.
  • Residents associations.
  • Charities.
  • Local businesses.
  • Drug action groups.
  • Fire and Rescue Service