Our Lifeline Emergency Alarm System connects you to our locally based emergency call centre 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our trained Operators respond to emergency calls, offer reassurance and arrange any help needed. This service is available to you at the touch of a button, using a pendant and other equipment installed in your home.


How it works

The Lifeline unit can be used to raise an alarm call from anywhere in the home or garden, within a range of approximately 30 metres. When an alarm is activated, either by pressing the pendant or the red button on the unit itself, your details are sent immediately to the Control Centre where an operator will answer the call. All calls are recorded as this helps us to ensure we provide a high quality service. The operator will instantly know your name, address and personal details - this information is supplied by you when the unit is installed. 

Following assessment of the situation the operator will arrange the appropriate response and assistance.  Response may include a mobile warden attending your home.  The emergency services and a family member will also be contacted as required/requested. The Mobile Warden will need access to your property and by far the quickest way to gain entry is by you having a key safe fitted; alternatively we can securely hold a key for you. On arrival our Mobile Warden will deal with any emergency situation and take appropriate action.



There is no charge for installing the Lifeline unit which is easy to connect and simple to operate.

The cost is just £3.53 a week for council tenants and £4.28 a week for private tenants and home owners (inclusive of VAT), which includes rental of unit and a pendant. If you are a council tenant, the cost can be added to your weekly rent. Private tenants and home owners are required to pay quarterly in advance.

A fee of £25 is chargeable to replace a lost pendant.


How to get Lifeline

If you are interest in using our Lifeline service, please apply using the link below. 

Start your online application.