Good housekeeping should prevent you from encountering any issues when composting your food waste.

Kitchen Food Caddies

Collect your food waste in your kitchen caddy to easily home compost or dispose of it in your brown bin (if you subscribe to the service and choose to do so)

Kitchen food caddies are widely available in local hardware stores or online.

You can line your caddy with a compostable liner with the compostable/biodegradable logo or seedling logo only.

Please refer to your calendar card for more information on what can be put into your brown bin.

Top Tips to avoid smells and pests

  • contain food scraps quickly and close the lid
  • empty kitchen caddies into your brown bin regularly
  • make sure you keep your wheelie bin lid closed
  • keep your bin out of direct sunshine in hot weather to avoid heating your waste and increasing smells
  • it is good practice to clean your kitchen caddy and bin from time to time. Just rinse with hot water and use a cleaning product.

By following the guidance, you shouldn't encounter any issues, because maggots only exist if flies have had access to and settled on food waste to lay eggs. In the unlikely event you do get maggots in your wheelie bin, most of them will go when your bin is emptied. If some are left behind:

  • maggots and fly eggs can be killed by using boiling water
  • hose out your bin once it has been emptied
  • try using a cleaning product with a fragrance, which will help to deter the flies from your bin.