If you have a parish council in your area your final bill will include a contribution from them.

Your council tax bill may also have an item called 'Special Expenses'. This covers the separate costs for specific services carried out by us, which are generally carried out by a parish and/or town council. These specific services include the maintenance of playing fields and open spaces, allotments, community halls and children's play areas.

We calculate what we spend on these specific services, reduce our general council tax and charge the specific expenditure directly to the council tax payer where the service has been provided. This reduces the general council tax bill for other residents.

 Parish preceptSpecial expenses
Parish and Town Council

2020/201 amount per Band D property


2020/21 amount per Band D property


Ayot St Lawrence11.560.00
Ayot St Peter19.620.00
North Mymms42.730.00
Northaw and Cuffley67.1015.92
Welwyn Garden City0.0023.09
Woolmer Green46.720.00