You will need to supply certain documents when you apply for a parking permit permit or visitor vouchers for the first time.

The following documents are required to issue parking permits and need to be resubmitted every 3 years.


Resident Parking Permit


Visitor Vouchers


Business Parking Permit



University students who are living in the area must ensure their vehicle is registered or insured to the permit address to be able to apply for a resident permit. Vehicles must be shown to be registered and insured at the permit address you are applying for e.g. the student accommodation/HMO. It is up to the resident to pay any additional costs insurance companies charge to ensure your vehicle is insured at your university residential address.

No resident parking permits will be issued if a vehicle is shown to be insured and registered elsewhere e.g. away from the permit address. 


Accepted documents


Proof of Residence

  • A tenancy agreement showing your name and permit address issued within the last 6 months
  • A mortgage statement issued within the last 12 months showing your name and permit address
  • A Utility Bill issued within the last 6 months for your permit address. This can be either: Gas/Water/Electric/TV Service/TV Licence or Landline telephone supplied to the permit address
  • The most recent council tax bill issued to your permit address (Usually issued in March each year).


Proof of Vehicle

  • The V5C showing the vehicle is registered to you at your resident permit address
  • The insurance schedule showing the vehicle is insured to you at your resident permit address
  • Official Bill of Sale issued within the last 6 months showing your permit address and vehicle registration
  • If a company vehicle, a letter on headed paper from the office manager confirming you have use of the company vehicle to take home and require a permit.


Proof of Business/Healthcare

  • A headed letter signed by the office manager confirming you are an employee of the company at the permit address.


Proof of Pension

  • A letter from DwP confirming you are in receipt of state pension
  • A bank statement showing pension payment being paid to you.


Proof of a valid blue badge

  • A photo of the rear of your badge.