Creating litter is an offence, as well as being unsightly and dangerous to animals. We are responsible for sweeping the streets and removing litter from public areas.

Powers and duties relating to litter are provided by the Environmental Protection Act (1990) which states that leaving litter in a public place and causing defacement is a criminal offence. The Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act (CNEA) 2005 simplifies this, extending the scope of the offence to include all open spaces.

Educational activities encourage responsible behaviour, but where this fails, the council's Community and Environment Officers have the powers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to people seen littering. Officers can issue on-the-spot £75 fixed penalty notices for littering. Average fines for court cases are around £100, but can rise to a maximum of £2,500.

The council can also issue street litter control notices to street vendors and takeaway premises to keep the area immediately around them tidy.


Litter bins

To combat littering, the council has hundreds of new style, larger and more vandal resistant litter bins throughout the borough. Each bin is programmed to be emptied depending on its usage.

To report a problem with a litter bin, or to request a litter bin to be emptied, please lt us know using the button above or contact us.